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Happy New Year!

What we love best about the New Year’s “clean slate” mentality is it re-energizes people to make the leap and go after whatever goals they hope to achieve over the course of the year. As a business owner, the New Year is a great time to think about and assess what my business needs / goals are for the year. According to a recent article on CNBC optimism among small business owners increased to 98.1% at the end of 2014, making it a record high since 2007. Combined with decreases in fuel costs, low interest rates, and a slew of new tax incentives, 2015 just may be the “Year of the Entrepreneur”!

Whether you’re ready to take the next step in pursuing your dreams of owing your own business, or are already a business owner in need of direction, the New Year encourages the perfect opportunity for examining and evaluating your business plans so you can create a “Strategic Road Map” to get you to your goal. These roadmaps are incredibly effective tools for recognizing/ addressing new or outstanding challenges your business is currently facing. It’s also great or identifying both long-term and short-term strategic objectives, action points to help achieve those goals, and attainable milestones to make sure you’re hitting those deliverables on time. The best part of the road map is that it keeps you focused and on track as the hectic pace of the year threatens to sweep your attention away in another, completely different direction.

One of the founding principles at MeetGeraldine is to educate, inform and share information with other like-minded individuals and, with that in mind, we are proud to offer recurring 9-Week Business Plan Writing Workshops in collaboration with La Wanda Knox of Make Green Go, a local business strategy firm.  This is fun, informative and hands-on workshop offers participants coaching and mentoring on how to write a successful business plan.  The workshop includes a handbook, access to professionals across industries to ask important questions about starting and running a business, an opportunity to do a mock presentation their business plan to a panel of experts, and online components to extend the learning beyond the classroom.

Our business plan workshop is a building block for any small business owner or entrepreneur in search of a simple way to understand the fundamentals of writing an excellent business plan for their specific business. A solid business plan is critical to becoming a successful entrepreneur and serves as a foundation for profitable growth, raising capital, communicating with employees, vendors and customers. We’d love to see you at one of these workshops and have the opportunity to help make your dreams for this year come true.

There is still time to sign up today!


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