Picture this….Oakland 2014.

I just dated myself! Yes! I’m talking about sweet “old” Sophia from Golden Girls.

But I guess its just ‘cuz I have been feeling so Golden lately!!  In fact, the random song I woke up to my Pandora Alarm Clock was “Living My Life like it is Golden” by Jill Scott.

Even my energy consultant (see how I made that more business sounding than hippy?) tells me that my aura is GOLDEN right now!

Oh…wait…back to my story! Picture this…Oakland 2014…

MeetGeraldine publically unveils its new brand and our incredible team at a launch party at our office in Downtown Oakland.

What took months of color talks, brand development, team building and website working, we have officially revealed “Who Is MeetGeraldine.”

We are so juiced by all the love everyone has shown us and are screaming a huge, “THANK YOU!!!” We are in love with you and your energy.

We are looking forward to a golden future with you!