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In the age of digital media, companies and digital marketers are striving to apply the best SEO techniques in order to improve their online presence and ranking. When working with SEO techniques, you need to keep certain rules and criteria in mind to ensure a well-rounded strategy. Marketers at times can forget certain aspects of SEO, which, if neglected can hurt your brand’s exposure. Google’s ranking factors are becoming more comprehensive and user-driven than ever before. Google’s algorithm pays attention to factors such as intrusive interstitials, mobile-friendliness, page load time, and interactivity. Geraldine Convento, MeetGeraldine’s founder believes that one of the biggest mistakes digital marketers make is not investing in Read more

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Businesses utilize various mediums and platforms to promote their content online. One method that we were recently asked about was guest blogging. Sometimes web developers use guest posts as a way to introduce spam, however it can be a viable option for reputable and ethical brands if done the right way. Guest blogging not only helps boost your brand’s credibility and awareness but also strengthens your SEO strategy. Our founder, Geraldine Convento believes that guest posts can be highly effective. Here’s what she had to say about it in a recent blog post mention on UpCity. Read more here – Is Guest Blogging Still a Viable SEO Strategy?

We live in an era where technological devices such as phone apps and computers require regular updates to function properly. We often don’t think about the fact that these conveniences would not function efficiently if the engineers behind the scenes did not continuously improve and maintain them. When it comes to business, your website is one of the most important decision-making factors of whether a customer will invest in your products or services. Making sure your website is user-friendly and representative of your current services (not 5 years ago when you last updated your website) is critical for attracting new customers. In this article, we will explain what web maintenance Read more

Just Because It’s On The Web, Doesn’t Mean It’s A “Website”. In this post, I’ll explain the differences in hopes that it will help you to decide which might be best for your business. There are several different terms that are used to describe different things that are on the web. You may have heard them before “ Splash Page ”, “ Landing Page ” and “ Website ”. What many don’t know about these terms is that although they appear on the same platform (the web), they are different! Whether you’re a someone looking to build your presence online, advising a colleague or family member- here’s some context to Read more

The History Kirk and Sherwin bonded in high school over their love of cars. They discovered what a great team they made while working together on restoring Sherwin’s ’67 Karmann Ghia, and strengthened their bond while restoring several other vintage cars and tackling home repair projects. The duo enjoyed having a beer together after an honest day’s hard work, which led to Sherwin getting a home brew kit, and eventually collecting bronze, silver and gold medals for his beers. Soon, the two had a business plan in place to launch the Brewyard concept, and with a lot of hard work, they became the second brewery in Glendale, providing fresh, craft Read more

Last night I sat on a marketing and branding panel for the social network for businesses called,Townsquared. In the middle of the event, I asked the group to share what information they expected to see on a business’ social media platforms. The answers varied from specials the business is running to information on topics relevant to the business’ services and products. We had a good discussion and I think it was an enlightening exercise for other businesses to be a part of an impromptu focus group on what to post on social media. One of the comments a woman made about what she expects to see. She said, “social issues Read more

MeetGeraldine was featured in the June 2016 issue of Photoshop User Magazine. In this Design Makeover article, Jake Widman interviewed Nariku Travel‘s Susan Deslaurier & Geraldine about the rebranding process, logo design and website development. Special thanks to our team for bringing this project to fruition: Colleen Yancy, Web Developer Danielle Bloss, Graphic Designer Emmet Logan, Graphic Designer Geraldine Convento, Web Developer Kate Pirrello, Illustrator Michelle Zambrano, Brand Strategist Click here to read the article To learn more about how MeetGeraldine can help with your brand and web development.

This year, I’ve been fortunate to take two trips to places that area said to be “spiritual”… Places to reflect, re-center and be with self.  Not in front of a computer. Maybe bring a camera, but that’s about it in terms of technology… The two places were Palm Springs, CA and Sedona, AZ. As an entrepreneur, there are so many ebbs and flows of emotions and ever expanding responsibilities… Especially when you have a team. To me, maintaining life balance and being a great leader are a winning combination for everyone in the equation. And… It takes knowing of self, a lot of practice and coaching to achieve this. My focus Read more

To SEO or not to SEO? This is a question that may come up for some you. SEO (also known as Search Engine Optimization) is a buzz term that has layers of methods and ways of implementation. Here’s an article that we wrote that was published in the Strictly Marketing Magazine March/April 2016 edition: Click to View OR Right-Click to Download MeetGeraldine’s Article About SEO Schedule an appointment today for complimentary 45 minute consultation today so we can determine whether a targeted SEO program or an extensive campaign is right for you. Have questions? Send us an email at:

MeetGeraldine’s very own Geraldine Convento was recently interviewed on the Sean Green show, to discuss entrepreneurship and business planning. The Sean Green Show, hosted by Sean Green and co-host Mason Paine, is a lifestyle program that focuses on all things entertainment, as well as providing information and advice in response to requests received from the show’s listeners. It reaches an average of 5-8 million listeners weekly (airing throughout various radio stations via Tribune radio broadcasting), while engaging over 45 million monthly digital users. The show requested an interview with Geraldine, as a business consultant and web presence expert, to answer listeners’ questions regarding how to start a business and write Read more