Who We Are

Hi, my name is Geraldine Convento. I’m a web presence and Search Engine Optimization expert. My passion is to support and educate solopreneurs and small businesses as they scale.

My team and I are committed to cultivating long-term relationships for the single purpose of them having one less thing to worry about – their online presence.

I started MeetGeraldine in 2008 as a marketing consultant and freelance web developer. I was a solopreneur on a mission! I knocked door to door soliciting my services during the day then coded websites from evening to night. I later grew my team and we became a full-service marketing firm. We were fortunate to work on thousands of projects from marketing and SEO campaigns, websites, logos, business cards, brochures, banners and website platform launch events.

We’ve pivoted a lot over the past years and we’re still here! Now we have a group of sister companies that operate as a unit within the same realm of work (business strategy, marketing, websites, search engine optimization).

Today, MeetGeraldine is a WordPress Website Maintenance and Technical Advisory Services company. We chose to shift because there is a HUGE NEED for these services! Freelance web developers and website development companies typically do not like to maintain websites, fix them when they are broken or make small enhancements. But guess what, WE LOVE TO! We have nerdy team members and processes for doing so effectively, efficiently and with integrity.

We offer more services through Reverence Global. So you’re looking to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend visiting that website to learn about how we can make that happen faster.