It’s that time of the year again! If you’re unfamiliar with this astrological phenomenon, according to, during this  three-and-a-half-week period – Mercury will reverse itself and move “forward” again.

So, how does this affect you?

Mercury is the ruler of communication. With Mercury in retrograde, communication will be in a major flux. When a planet  goes into retrograde, everything it is responsible for pretty much shuts down. In tech’s terms, think of it as when you’re rebooting your system during an upgrade. While it’s still on, you can’t actually access any of your files.

To make this period as seamless as possible, here are our tips on how to navigate Mercury Retrograde ( from a tech’s prospective).

  1. Back up your files.
    Save yourself the heartache and backup your precious files onto an external hard drive.

  3. Turn off your Cloud service
    While this may seem contradictory to point #1, it comes with a valid point. This is not the time to send sensitive information on the internet, especially anything that can-er, interfere with your political career. Cyber hacks increase during Mercury Retrograde.   

  5. Don’t text-Call!
    Don’t send your messages to text purgatory or leave room for interpretation. Text isn’t the best form of communication as it is.

  7. Avoid big purchases
    Mercury retrograde is infamous for making all your technological gadgets go haywire. Avoid purchasing new tech items you’ll later regret, especially ones with a heavier price tag that comes with a warranty, or any sort of commitments (it’s a bad time to sign contracts during this period). Yes, that means waiting a few extra weeks for the latest iPhone. In the interim, you can repurpose your old smartphone to make it like new again.

  9. Don’t run that software upgrade
    Don’t get lured in with new taco emojis-avoid upgrading your software at all costs if you can. Glitches are rapid right now.

  11. Ditch Apple Genius
    Any repairs you make may not take or be counterproductive. If you can hold off for three weeks to make repairs, we’d highly advise doing so.

  13. Chill Out
    While Mercury Retrograde may sound like a big doom’s day, this is actually a great time to chill out and self reflect. Take things slow, remind yourself that life isn’t a big rush. Carpe Diem and smell the roses! Take this time as a gift from the Universe to do some inward thinking and creative visualization. Mercury Retrograde in an opportunity to get off the gadgets and zen out!


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