Halloween, the one-time parents find it completely acceptable for their children to take candy from a stranger. A night where tots run amok during the dark of the night, running high on sugar in costumes that intentionally make them unrecognizable–forget the ghouls and ghosts, losing a child is some scary stuff.

This Halloween, make an upset stomach the worst of your concerns of the evening. Here’s our list of  # mommy approved smartphone apps to download onto your phone for a safer and stress-free Halloween.

  1. Family Locator– Family Locator uses GPS tracking to allow parents to see the real-time location of their children on the map and k.i.t using the app’s instant messenger. You can add ‘zones’ on the map, distinguishing which areas you’ve approved for your kids to trick-or-treat at. FREE, Premium service available for in store purchase.
  2. FBI Child ID– Created by the actual Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI Child ID is a free app that allows you to store photos, vitals, in case of emergency and other important information that may be useful in the case your child wanders off.
  3. Trick or Tracker 3.0 App– Trick or Tracker helps locate your child with GPS and push button technology.  Messages can be sent to the child’s phone using a special code that is picked up and responded to via pre-set coordinates.
  4.  Life360 App– Life360 is another GPS tracking app with an amazing function that allows multiple family members to say in the loop with eachother’s whereabouts.

  5. Lassy Project-Similar to an Amber Alert, the goal of the Lassy Project is to minimize the amount of time it takes to send out notifications to people within your area.
  6. Sex Offenders Search– This app allows parents to potentially identify those within their neighborhood who are registered sex offenders.

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